Psychotherapy and Energy Work

The advantage of doing energy work with psychotherapy is doing so gives access to your soul and letting the soul tell you what you need to work on and to direct the work itself. I use the word soul here to mean that part of each of us that lives beyond our bodies and our personalities. You could call it the part of you that is one with God, or call it your higher self. It doesn’t matter what word you use, it’s the same part of each of us.

When I do energy work with my clients, I prefer to ask the client’s soul to direct the light to create and maintain the highest good and greatest growth available to the client at that time. That is exactly what happens, and it is immensely valuable to be able to access that – regardless of what the original goals were for the person. I have never had anything but helpful, positive results from this work with my clients.

I prefer to combine this kind of energy work with traditional psychotherapy. This is because the person will utilize the energy work best when they have their mind and emotions in line with what is best for them; when their resources are set up to work with and for themselves, not against themselves.

Some people do spiritual work without doing their own personal work and I find that doing that leaves us humans kind of lop-sided….making sometimes serious mistakes and not adding good to the world and the people around us despite our spiritual sophistication. I don’t want to add to that. I what I do to assist people in being more able to do their spiritual / cosmic work to make our world better for everyone.

I think of our spiritual jobs as the task of cleaning up the piece of humanity’s mess that we were handed down from our less than perfect parents. That means doing your own personal therapy work. When I was well on my way to doing the most of that for myself, I experienced a celebration in my spiritual home. The celebration wasn’t for me, personally, it was for the whole group of us. Some work had been done, or was at least a chuck of humanity’s mess (my mess) was well on it’s way to being cleaned up. Now I get to try to help others accomplish the same in their lives. What a worthwhile, joyful thing to pursue. I do so with great humility as I stumble across my limitations and foibles every day.