Group Therapy

Group therapy has the advantage of camaraderie as you hear the stories or others and often give input, as they do for you. Emotional safety is always a first priority. Sometimes long friendships have grown out of my groups, and I am careful to handle these ‘outside the group’ relationships so as not to develop cliques or feelings of being left out. Experiments or ‘dramas’ played out using group members as props often clarify a situation for a group member. If you are interested in group policies, such as confidentiality, you are welcome to ask before joining.

I will keep a list of Current Groups on my website. Past groups have been: “Incest Recovery for Women”, “Adult Daughters of Crazy Mothers”, “Gestalt Therapy for Men and Women”. If there is enough interest I would be happy to open a group that has been done before. Presently I am opening a group called “Developing a Spiritual Relationship with Your Horse”.

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