Course for Couples

A course for couples is designed for couples wanting to enhance their relationship. Initially I am interested in what brought you to therapy, what it was that attracted each of you to the other in the first place, and how each of you view the current distress. The therapy is focused on the relationship, not the individuals in it, although sometimes an individual problem like untreated depression, needs attention first.

I watch how you interact and can show you how you disconnect and set each other off. Together we review any history of problems or complaints. I teach you about common problems that are causing separation and teach basic skills of awareness and communication. Couples really want connection and comfort with each other, but get lost in fighting to defend themselves instead. While sometime there are irreconcilable differences, usually the relationship is still alive and just needs freedom to grow and change.

In my experience, on average, things get better in 10 sessions or less. Check out my short article for Relationship Therapy for more information about my approach.

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