Energy Healing

Energy Healing can  be used as an adjunct to talk therapy.  The  process is to engage your soul, or higher self, to bring about “the highest good and greatest growth available to you at this time.”

The process could be considered a shared meditation directed by your soul or higher self.  I become a part of the process, allowing myself to be a conduit for increased light. I  show you how the healing meditation is progressing, and direct your attention to the experience of your soul. In this way you learn to be aware of the movement of energy, and how to intervene on the level of your personality to assist the process.  I teach a meditation for those who want to practice this work on their own. At  other times I use energy healing techniques to enhance what is already happening in your  energy field. If you are interested in other methods I use, please ask me individually.

My preference is to combine this spiritual work with individual talk therapy. I have seen many people who evolve on the spiritual level and do not integrate this into their every day life. Sometimes these people can be unmindful of their effects on others and continue to live in ways that are unproductive in the world. I often see these same people avoiding their life problems and using the world of the spirit to escape personal troubles. I don’t want to promote this uneven development which can be destructive to the person themselves and the people around them.

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  1. Good question!

    The article on Using Your Body….explains how I read energy during process of the Energy Healing experience. You can learn how to do this also. Having Energy Healing experiences with me and following the process as I direct you to and help you do will afford you the opportunity to practice reading your own energy. You can build on your facility by doing the meditation I teach you and later by “checking in” with other living (and non living) things.

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