About Quarry Arts

View from corner of Hills and UniversityAnn Veilleux  LLC
Suite 250
Quarry Arts Building
715 Hill Street
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 535-9266
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The Quarry Arts Building is devoted to the healing arts of many persuasions. It has been built following Fen Shui principals, and retains a gentle healing energy through-out the building. There is a secluded garden that welcomes all who come to the building and provides a place for quiet thought and meditation in the warmer months. Please ask me how to find it if you are interested.

There is easy access by car and bus from all parts of the city and county. The building is located just off University Avenue, across Hill Street from the Whole Foods parking lot.

My office is on the second floor, Suite 250. You can enter the building through the front door or the under ground parking lot. There is an elevator that will take you straight to the second floor from the parking area.

If you come in the front door you can either take the stairway (visible from the vestibule) to the second floor, or walk down the hall way and find the elevator on your right. When you enter Suite 250 you will be in our waiting area. I will come for you at your appointed time.


If the map below is not informative enough you can get detailed driving directions by clicking on the “get direction: to here” link in the balloon and entering your address. You can also follow the link and the bottom of the map to a larger version.