About Appointments

Making An Appointment

You can make an appointment with me  through email (click here) or by leaving a message for me on my voice mail (608) 535-9266.  I check telephone messages Monday through Friday, and check my emails everyday, week ends included.  All initial appointments are set up to help people “shop around” because the  right therapist for you is so important. I set aside a full 60 minutes, (all my sessions are a full hour) and at the halfway point we pause. If you are uncomfortable with me, or for whatever reason, you can leave at that time and not owe me anything. If you do stay for the full session you do owe me for that hour.

Payment Options

I am a provider for The Alliance , WEA, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and other insurance policies. It is useful to check with your insurance to see if they will pay me.  I take all HMOs where your policy allows you to pick your own therapist.  This type of HMO insurance plan  is often called “Point of Service.”

Office Hours

Wednesday through Friday.  Occasionally I see people on Saturdays.

Your First Appointment

The first appointment is a chance for us to get to know each other. I don’t follow a strict format, so content is created by both of us as we go along. Our first goal is to decide if we are going to be a good team for you. Most of the time that’s pretty clear at the end of the first session. You get to decide if you want to work with me, and I get to decide if I think I can be of use to you.

I’ve written a short article How To Choose The Right Therapist which you may find helpful. If you want to know more about how I conduct therapy or how I may be able to help you refer to How I Help.

Personal Commitment Vs. Cost Containment

In the current climate of cost containment in all areas of health care, HMOs have become notorious for regulating the length and kind of treatment therapists can provide. I make a personal commitment to each person I work with, and I make all treatment decisions based what is best for the client. I regularly reduce my fee for those who already are paying for an HMO Plan and want to see me instead of the HMO provider.  I will  also work with you in dealing with your  insurance company to help you get your benefits.