Client Testimonials

Ann was essential in working through a very difficult time in my marriage that developed over time as a busy surgeon. Through therapy with Ann, she not only restored my marriage but allowed it to flourish like it has never before. I owe my current personal success to her incredible abilities. — BR, Surgeon


Ann was critical in my healing. Her skill goes way beyond typical “talk therapy.” She works from an intuitive, energetic place and is particularly skilled at addressing trauma and it’s devastating effects. I would recommend her to anyone, in a heartbeat. — MS Planning facilitator for organizations and individuals


Ann is not the dry, professionally removed;  unemotional therapist that looks at patients as just “grist for the mill”. She can see the humanness in them through her own humanness. Ann is a very caring and committed therapist. She wants to see her clients make real progress. She actively tries to get to the root of the problem that is causing distress. She is in the right calling. Much hard learned knowledge, experience, and personal kindness will be sorely missed if she should one day retire. — EK


Ann absolutely changed my life and my future. Her insight, empathy, knowledge, perception, and intelligence honed right in on what was happening in my life and offered me answers and solutions. I call her my guardian angel. —  JK, Glassworker


Ann is incredibly empathetic, compassionate and empowering.  She supports one’s journey with traditional tools as well as more spiritual ones. — RKR, Business owner