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Gestalt Therapy Group for Women

When: To be determined
Location: To be determined

In this group therapy for women, my first job is to create an emotionally safe place for women to learn about themselves and grow. As trust increases, I direct members to work with me and each other. The support and feedback for each other and the closeness that emerges offers a unique healing space for all involved. Intentionally affordable: insurance or sliding scale fee.

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  1. I suffer from a husband that is controlling. Although I have no concrete proof that he uses crack, his actions (financial abuse, isolation from me having friends, and controlling behavior ) shows it. My parents have a role in enabling him as well cause he bothers me and them until he gets what he wants

    • You shouldn’t have to live with a controlling husband, and there are personality reasons to be controlling that don’t include crack use. Nevertheless there’s no good reason for you to live like this. If your husband will go with you for couple therapy, that could be the best avenue to change. If he won’t go, go yourself. As you grow in self acceptance and self love, you won’t tolerate being controlled or mistreated. If you won’t interact with him the same way, he will likely change his behavior or you will out grow him altogether. Many husbands go to therapy once they see their wives have profited from it or because their marriage isn’t comfortable like it was when the wife was subservient. The fact that your parents don’t support you is another reason to be in therapy yourself.

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