Everybody Needs Their Version of A Horse (Tongue in Cheek Serious Advise)

Despite the wisdom of Freud,  (who said adult’s lives are about love and work)  I propose  that life for adults is really about Joy and Passion, or ought to be.*

That’s why I say everyone needs their version of a horse.

I have had horses, one or two,  in my life ever since I was in fourth grade.  They have brought me reliable joy, if there is such a thing.  This is not to  diminish the importance of my  partner, my family and good friends.  My partner and I  joke that,  as regards each other,  we are ” necessary but not sufficient.”  To have a full  life  don’t forget to include passion.  ( I don’t mean sexual passion here.)

I am passionate about my horse and riding dressage.  I get high nearly every ride, and get terribly excited about learning something new with him.  I miss him when I don’t see him,  and I love him dearly.

You need to be doing something you are passionate about. Don’t wait for your kids to grow up, or for there to be more money, or hold back because you will look like a beginner and your 45 already.  Go find a way and get into your passion now.    Live your life with joy and passion in it. Your own, very personal, way .

If you don’t know what it is you are passionate about, or believe you can’t do it, therapy could very likely help.  Therapy is about preparing for good living, after all.

*OK, you do need satisfying love and work .


Being so absorbed in something that you are beyond judgment or effort.

Being so in tune with what you are doing that everything flows.

Being able to feel without impediment.

Being able to act out of free choice.

Not needing names, acceptance.

Feeling love while you are experiencing it for another

I drove to work the other day and I was going my normal route,  worried about something.  I  exhaled to shake off my worrying.  At a stop sign, my car was facing a leafless tree  standing across the road from me (which I must have driven past a thousand times).  Suddenly I saw the tree. It  was  lit up in sunshine and was perfect in it’s shape. I was  stunned by its beauty. I had never seen it before.

I would like you to add your experiences and definitions of JOY to this blog.     Thanks, Ann