Transpersonal Psychotherapy

I have been a psychotherapist for 40 years and have done energy work for most of that time. Now, as a Holy Fire III Reiki Master, I am letting the Madison community  know that I enjoy combining Reiki healing work with psychotherapy for many of my clients who are open and interested in both.

Usually people are happy to put forth “to my highest good” as their intention in their energy work, and therefore the energy work expands on the psychotherapy they are presently involved in and enhances their growth. Because the source of the information that is made available is beyond what I or my clients consciously are aware of, these sessions can be especially provocative and useful.

I have also been helpful for people have difficulties with illnesses, injuries and ongoing health problems.  I am happy to accept clients who are only looking for energy healing and not interested in taking on a  course of psychotherapy.

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  1. While I’m sure you didn’t intend this space for testimonials, I cannot help but leave one. You helped me heal my deepest wound, the cut to my soul that has plagued me for decades. Your care and compassion create the safest of spaces, and while your wisdom and experience as a therapist have been invaluable, your intuition and power as an empath are truly amazing. I cherish you. Many thanks, Mp

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