The Trump Effect

I have seen this among my own  clients so I am sure this is  happening  all over the country: People with a tendency for anxiety or depression have been triggered by Trump’s election and the chaos and disregard for the Constitution that has followed

You are more likely to be effected if you (1) are low income (obviously – you are more effected because Trump is doing nothing  to take care of the poor),  (2) if you were traumatized by abusive parents as a child, and (3) if it is bothering you that the Trump  agenda is to take away safety nets like Medicare and Medicaid, Affordable Health Care and other government sponsored assistance programs (including protection for the Environment, attacks against certain minority groups.etc.).  There is a great Resistance going on also, and although much of  the power is still with those that support Trump, the Affordable Care Act was not lost.

For those who have been abused as children this all feels like an abuser, again,  using his power to hurt without concern for who he is hurting.

I think the most empowering thing any of us can do, whether we were abused as children or not, is to participate in the Resistance in the way that bests suits you.  For those who were abused, remember  this abuse isn’t hidden and there are people fighting for you.

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